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December 8, 2020

These capitalisation documents take up the information given by the San Juan member in Ecuador, and are aimed at parents (and professionals) on the role of the family in supporting a child with a disability. The documents take particular account of COVID-19 and suggest activities and routines to be carried out at home.

Objectives of the documents:

“Role of the family and the child with learning difficulties and/or disability”.

– To provide information on the medical management of a child with a disability during confinement.
– To explain therapeutic intervention through teletherapy and the importance of routines.
– To guide parents on managing the behaviour of children with and without disabilities and the family during confinement.

“My child, my mirror”, “Boundaries, containment in crisis”.

– To make parents aware of the crucial influence of their personality and their way of raising on the integral development of their children.
– To reflect on how boundaries and routines are one of the most important foundations for the safe growth of children and adolescents.


– To provide a virtual and interactive space where parents can share their experiences, feeling the trust and support of others.
– Discover internal tools that allow them to strengthen themselves to continue parenting as resilient beings.