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March 1, 2024

Developing the “Cantines des Écoles du Monde” project: PARTAGE and its partners in action

From 26 to 28 February, PARTAGE and three of its partners met in Compiègne to work together on a joint project entitled “Cantines des Écoles du Monde.

The aim was to define the joint challenges and activities to be implemented together in order to encourage pupils to stay in school and have access to better food, while developing partnerships with the various educational players in the areas where we are working: teaching teams, parents, local communities and canteen staff.

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Post-it de l'atelier de travail autour du projet "Cantines des Écoles du Monde"

Youssouf Dainane and Nasser Assoumani, from the NGO MAEECHA in the Comoros, Arsène Adiffon and Tobias Gbaguidi from the NGO RACINES in Benin, Dina Raouf and Hanaa Kaldas from the association AHEED in Egypt joined us to present what they are already doing in schools and canteens. A wide range of subjects, each as relevant as the next, were discussed: How can we get everyone involved in improving the quality of food and education? How can we take into account the economic realities and vulnerability of children and families? How can we ensure that communities and authorities take greater responsibility for canteens? How can we work together to build a project that will enable thousands of children to grow up better and strengthen us collectively?

This “giant brainstorming session” came up with a number of ideas and, above all, an incredible amount of energy to work at our own level to improve the well-being of children. Thank you to our guests for their motivation and their ever-increasing contribution to the Rights of the Child.