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Health : Accompaniment of children with special needs

June 22, 2021

Health : Accompaniment of children with special needs

22 June 2021

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Field of action :


  • Special needs
  • Prevention
  • Direct intervention

Presentation :

These systematisation documents carried out by San Juan in Ecuador allow to approach certain activities carried out by the foundation to accompany children with special needs.

The aim of the documents are :

“Psychomotricity as a Therapeutic Tool”.

– To explain the usefulness of psychomotricity as a therapeutic tool in the different areas of the Foundation Centro San Juan de Jerusalén.
– To describe the benefits of psychomotor skills in the development of children in the pre-school stage.
– To present psychomotor activities for each therapeutic area.

“Swallowing alterations in cerebral palsy”.

– To explain feeding and swallowing processes in children with cerebral palsy.
– To raise awareness of the importance of using appropriate techniques for feeding a child with cerebral palsy.
– To explain the process of decontraction and correct positioning of a child with cerebral palsy, before, during and after feeding.
– To share the experience of the professionals of the San JuAN of Jerusalem Centre Foundation in the management of feeding children with cerebral palsy.

“Virtual Open House: We are San Juan”.

– To provide information on the services offered by the San Juan of Jerusalem Foundation.
– To show in a visual way the activities carried out in each area of the Foundation.
– To show the institutional organisation and the physical spaces.
– To show the transdisciplinary, integral and inclusive work of the Foundation.

Downloadable documents

Download “Psychomotricity as a Therapeutic Tool”.

Download “Swallowing alterations in cerebral palsy”.

Download “Virtual Open House: We are San Juan”.