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Génération Médiateurs

July 29, 2020

Génération Médiateurs


  • Quality

Health and Nutrition

  • Prevention

Protection against abuse

  • Raising awareness

Community Development

  • Community Leadership

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Year of Creation and Start of Partnership


Partage’s Creation


Partner’s Creation


Start of partnership with Partage


Network’s Birth


Network’s Renewal through the launch of Partage RISE


  • Quality

The training sessions help strengthen the team culture of adults and create educational coherence within the schools.

Health and Nutrition

  • Prévention

Development of adults’ psychosocial skills for pupils.

Protection from Abuse

  • Awareness

The training sessions organized within the schools make it possible to raise the awareness of all school stakeholders on the issues of school harassment and violence.

Community Development

  • Community Leadership

The training sessions help strengthen the team culture of adults and create educational coherence within the schools.


School climate and student achievement, positive conflict management and peer mediation, prevention of bullying.

Project's objective

Contributing to student success by improving the school climate

Presentation of an emblematic activity

” Training in Better Living Together, Positive Conflict Management and Peer Mediation

DURATION The training lasts 21 hours over 3 days

PUBLIC This training in schools (primary and secondary) is aimed at adult educators and all those involved in school life: teachers, CPE, social workers, nurses, school life staff, parents of pupils, etc. It is also intended for the leaders of the teams of Leisure Centres, youth centres, etc. and more generally for all adults accompanying young people. …with a maximum of 14 people per course.

OBJECTIVES To enable education professionals to nurture a team culture, to acquire or improve their interpersonal skills, to learn conflict management and mediation techniques. They will then be able to train students in these techniques.

CONTENT Facilitation is in the form of participatory workshops. Adults experiment with the tools and steps that the young people will go through and then be able to train them. The playful aspect is predominant in this training. The techniques are original and adapted to the age of the young people. It is from this personal enrichment that the material is elaborated, according to the following stages:

1. Self-knowledge: others and me

a) Co-construction of the frame

b) Skills, qualities, values

c) Emotions

d) Needs

2. Communication and listening

a) Rumour

(b) Communication difficulties

c) Listening and reactions

(d) Assertiveness

3. Conflict: escalation or appeasement

(a) Violence

(b) Responses to the conflict

(c) Various points of view – inferences, judgements – interpretations

(d) Mechanism of the conflict

4. Mediation

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