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SESOBEL in Lebanon

SESOBEL in Lebanon


SESOBEL - The rights of children with disabilities

« Like every child in the world, children with disabilities also have rights. »

Because of our belief in this motto, our pedagogical work at SESOBEL is fundamentally aimed at providing children with a life of dignity, developing their sense of social responsibility and citizenship, and ensuring a safe socio-cultural environment.

Within the framework of citizenship education, we design daily activities and workshops that enable children to recognize their rights and duties.

Our weekly schedule is very varied. The sessions are multi-faceted:

  • In civic education, our children fill out, as an example, the identity card, color the Lebanese flag and good each to a name and nationality.
  • In the cooking workshop, our children learn how to prepare and enjoy healthy food.
  • In class and through interactive activities and adapted worksheets, our children learn, it is their opportunity to education.
  • By practicing daily respiratory therapy, our children have the chance to overcome pain and be prepared for better health so let’s all live healthy.
  • During recess, our children learn to share and play together so we are all friends.
  • In the art and painting workshops, our children explore, manipulate and are able to create masterpieces. They express themselves freely.
  • Every occasion and holiday is celebrated in a friendly atmosphere with friends and family where love and joy are spread. Always surrounded and loved within a family.

On the occasion of the International Day of the Children’s Rights , a video was shot with the children to talk about their rights. They were very happy to film this video, the result of their educational work, in a friendly atmosphere.

We are all the same, we all have the same rights.

We all have the right to life!

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