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RENAITRE in Romania

RENAITRE in Romania


RENAITRE - Education rights

Education is a human right that must be available to all children in the world, without discrimination. Children must have the possibility to go to school and benefit from all opportunities to build a future. In Romania, education is free so that children from disadvantaged backgrounds can also enjoy their right to education.

Through its activities, the Association Renaître emphasizes the right of children to education, because all children have the right to benefit from a good quality education adapted to their needs. The activity we organized to promote the right to education was aimed at learning new things about Romania’s geographical position in Europe and about other neighboring countries. With the other group of children we adopted the method of learning through games where the children interacted with the help of general knowledge games and they acquired new knowledge about the planet earth and about animals and plants, because in addition to what we learn at school, it is very important to have a broad general knowledge. The children are always captivated by the activities carried out at the center and they are very involved in all the activities proposed by the Renaître team.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and to offer them a chance to escape poverty. Education is therefore an essential tool for the economic, social and cultural development of all populations in the world.

Enfants bénéficiaires de Renaitre en Roumanie en cours d'apprentissage