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MSL in Lebanon

MSL in Lebanon


MSL - Children's Rights

Seven children between the ages of 10 and 13 participated in a drawing workshop on the Children’s Rights in October and November 2022 at the Mouvement Social in Jnah. They worked together on this painting.

L’Entre Deux is a painting born from two types of skills. It is the story of two childhood friends with different destinies. Opening together a book that resembles them and that conveys important values to their eyes, children’s rights.

The rights consecrate the fundamental guarantees to all children, girls and boys. Here, in this painting, the rights are symbolized by the symmetry and the half-distance between these young people of different sexes and the 12 circles.

The circle has all points at equal distance from the center and the symmetry exchanges the two halves without changing the shape of the whole. It is a figure that exerts a real fascination on the human imagination.


Réalisation des enfants du Mouvement Social Libanais pour l'expo sur les droits de l'enfant organisé par Partage RISE

Enfants du Mouvement Social Libanais qui ont participé à l'expo sur les droits de l'enfant organisé par Partage RISE