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HSF in Thaïland

HSF in Thaïland


HSF - Right to protection

Ton is a young boy 11 years old. A member of the happy star participated in exchanges under the new planet group activity. “If moving to a new planet what would the children like to have in our planet?”

“I want all children who will go to live in the new planet are protect, safety and receive good look after from family members and society.”

He thought “gaining safety life is regarded as the fundamental right of the child to be entitled because of the current situation has reflected him to know that the domestic violence and other traumatic events in society incurred losses. It often affects children directly both physically and mentally. Children are not protected by family members, school personnel and people in society as they should be. Moreover, he grew up in a poor family, housing insecurity no expression of love that made him feel alone. He felt insecure in all aspect of life. He wants a new planet that he created to have parents, siblings, friends, pets, facilities and there are rules that must be respected. The important thing is to show love each other, empathy, and understanding to build up his inner strength. All members of the new planet will have a peaceful life.


Group members participating in this event are children from elementary school to high school who receive educational services from the Sahathai Foundation In Nakhon Si Thammarat, the children agreed to create a safe space starting with their families to build a good base of thinking starting from childhood. The members of the group exchanged additionally that in addition to show love each other, respect to each other and having space for children to express their opinions resulting in everyone in society realizing and all children have their basic rights.

Ton, un jeune garçon de 11 ans sur son vélo