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BEL AVENIR in Madagascar

BEL AVENIR in Madagascar


BEL AVENIR - The right to health

Every child has the right to be healthy


Hello, my name is Lianah and my mom’s name is Linah. We live in Tulear in the southwest of Madagascar. Today I am 7 months old. When I was 2 months old, I suffered from malnutrition. I weighed only 2 kg!

My mother enrolled in a training program at the CAIF (Centre d’Accompagnement et d’Intégration des Femmes d’Ankalika) of the NGO Bel Avenir to learn manual activities as well as reading and writing. In this center, the beneficiary mothers and their child(ren) also benefit from medical care and balanced meals in addition to the training offered.

The team at the center saw what I had. They gave my mom a special food, “Plumpy gasy” (a high calorie food made of peanuts, potatoes, and moringa powder) so that she could produce a little more milk for me.

It took 4 months but today I am doing well and feeling much better. I gained 4 kilos more. I am saved.

A few words from Bel Avenir :

For 20 years in the southwest of Madagascar, we have been explaining to people that they must give healthy food to their children because a child has the right to be healthy. We also teach them the importance of vaccines, breastfeeding, etc… Our goal is to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable children of Tulear day by day.

Maman et son bébé soutenues par BEL AVENIR à Madagascar