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AHEED in Egypt

AHEED in Egypt


AHEED - Right to express oneself

Why is the Right chosen?

A meeting was held with the children of the school and the library, and we presented the rights of the child.

The children have been selected to express and share their opinion and their thoughts before composing the collective song.

  • Freedom of expression in all its forms and manifestations is a fundamental right of all individuals. It is also an indispensable requirement for a democratic society.
  • Every person has the right to express his opinion freely. We have the right to express ourselves in any way, it is my right for people to hear me and hear my opinion.
  • Give me time and a chance to express myself without pressure or intimidation and you have the right to hear me and say your opinion honestly.
  • Don’t scare me, don’t repel me, listen to me calmly and discuss without imposing restrictions or penalties to reach a common goal.
  • We chose this right because it’s our right to talk. It’s our right to hear us. It’s our right to feel that it’s our right. We share your opinion with you. We complete each other. Freedom of opinion builds a country.
  • The right to freedom of expression of opinion is one of the most important rights that must be available to the child and to every human being, which is the democratic system of any successful state and this is manifested in a way that has become in the text of the Charter of the Child, so the expression of opinion is considered a fundamental and vital necessity in one’s life, it is not reasonable for the esophagus to live silently in this life remnants of the expression of opinion since man is a human being with an entity and existence and carries the term expression of opinion meanings of justice that is conducted away from repression and warning.
  • How beautiful is to think and discuss with others and rethink again and again and change our agreement and opinions so we must always remember that the expression of opinion has many benefits as it will give promotion and protection of the human being and his rights.
  • The freedom of expression promote the freedom of thought and the right to vote and it is also considered that everyone is equal without discrimination whether race, color, sex, language, politics or etc.

Des enfants de l'AHEED en Egypte ont écrit une chanson sur le droit de s'exprimer