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January 10, 2023

Seminar to launch the Global Citizenship Education Project

From November 24 to 26, 40 volunteers, employees and partners of PARTAGE participated in the launching seminar of the project “Children committed to the objectives of sustainable development” at the Fort d’Aubervilliers. Hosted by the Fort Recup association, these three days were an opportunity to draw inspiration from cross-disciplinary experiences, to share skills, to learn from multiple cultures and to develop a common action plan: all the equipment needed to set sail!

With the same educational intention, this international team will contribute to accompanying the children on this long-term project, which involves various issues: promotion of global health, environment, children’s rights, interculturality… How can we contribute to the personal construction of our young actors so that they develop their spirit of initiative, citizenship and solidarity?

Following this course, the seminar aimed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each person, to debate their own representations of education for citizenship and international solidarity, to discover during a round table the small successes that shape the confidence and desire to act of young people, or to grasp the challenges to be taken up on the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

These numerous exchanges made it possible to learn the fundamental posture to adopt in order to facilitate the acquisition of human skills in conjunction with the educational teams. Between school life and family life, there are spaces for listening, for non-judgment; spaces of pedagogical freedom to be created during this project, where young people can commit themselves to the implementation of meaningful actions, provided they are accompanied.

Strengthened by these moments of conviviality and quality, our 40 participants are now ready to raise the anchor towards their territories, to avoid the icebergs by supporting, encouraging and valuing during the three years of the project approximately 3,000 young sailors who will reveal to themselves and to others their power of humanity.