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February 7, 2022

PARTAGE RISE 2021 photo exhibition!

November 20, International Children’s Rights Day, is a strong symbolic date for all PARTAGE’s partner. Since 2020, this date is also the date of the network’s photo exhibition: «Children’s rights seen by children». This is a key moment for the network, which allows us to reaffirm our commitment by promoting the participation of those most concerned and to support creativity by giving it a dedicated space.

The contributions you will find in this booklet attest of the diversity of contexts and situations they face through the pen, the lens or the eye of the children. These testimonies also demonstrate the awareness that these children and young people have of their rights, their respect and the road still to travel.
As with the first edition, this booklet has been translated into the different working languages of PARTAGE so that children, whether they are models, photographers or participants, can have access to the texts and creations of the different artists in the exhibition.