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November 27, 2020

The visio-conferences are back with the new school year !

We met in September to resume the video-conferences between the members of the network, to make them coincide with (for a good part of the countries) the dates of the new school year.

This time the videoconferences were organised by language and not by geographical area, so that partners from Africa and Europe (French-speaking) and partners from Asia and the Middle East (English-speaking) could, for the first time in this type of format, exchange ideas.

In order to leave more time for debates, discussions and questions, the groups were composed of a maximum of 5 members. In September, a total of 4 video-conferences were held with a total of 17 participating organisations.

There were many questions on the contexts and education systems of each one. The findings drawn up by our partners on the impact of the coronavirus crisis on their beneficiaries were very often shared.

Given the richness of the debates and the interest shared by the majority of the members, it is now planned to hold this type of videoconference every three months!