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November 27, 2020

Exchange visits for part of the members from Africa and the Indian Ocean

The members of the RAEE (Réseau Afrique Enfance Épanouie) organised two meetings at the end of 2018 during which they were able to exchange on their respective practices. The first meeting saw the three West African organisations (RACINES from Benin, DISPENSAIRE TROTTOIR from Burkina Faso and MESAD from Côte d’Ivoire) meet. The DISPENSAIRE TROTTOIR hosted this meeting during which the participants from RACINES and MESAD were able to discover the actions implemented by the association and exchange on the themes of resource mobilisation and early childhood care.

The second meeting took place in Madagascar. BEL AVENIR presented its projects in the Tuléar area to the representatives of the associations ASA (Madagascar) and MAEECHA (Comoros). The three organisations had chosen as themes for exchange the exploitation and production of moringa as a nutritional supplement, actions for the development of children through art, music, culture and sport and education for the environment and sustainable development.