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November 17, 2020

Race for Child Protection: CPCR 20km Virtual Marathon

Until 15 December, the Virtual Marathon for Child Protection, an initiative of our member CPCR in Thailand to raise awareness about violence and abuse against children.

This marathon is virtual and can be done anywhere in the world, by adults or children, alone or in groups!

Doing the same type of activity on the same theme in different parts of the world allows us to collectively give more importance to this subject that is close to our hearts. The photos will be published on the Facebook page and the Share RISE website.

Before November 30th you can still follow this link to officially register for the race: https://forms.gle/jxzXUzMnznsn4Zx57, this will allow you to receive a virtual bib number as well as a virtual certificate of participation in the race and a medal per organisation. You will then have to prove that 20 km of the race have been completed by taking screenshots of the race phone applications of your choice!

CPCR has produced several posters on the theme of protection against violence, which can be used for this event. We also invite you to share your own posters on this theme!