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November 17, 2020

INEPE workshop: The Suzuki methodology

On 16 October 2020 the member INEPE, in Ecuador, held a workshop on the Suzuki philosophy and methodology for all members of the network. The presentation was given in Spanish and translated live into English and French.

The workshop presented an approach to philosophical and methodological insights into how to develop the innate musical and educational talent and skills of all children. In the early 1930s, Dr Shinichi Suzuki, in search of an appropriate way to teach young children to play the violin, observed that mother-tongue teaching was invariably a complete success: all children learned to speak their mother tongue. Education through the mother tongue approach, applied to the teaching of any musical instrument or field of education, is what Dr Suzuki called the talent education method.

The presentation was made by Andrea Raza, coordinator of the INEPE Music Talent Education Programme, piano and voice teacher and director of the INEPE choir.

The workshop was a success: 100 participants on Zoom, the viewing of the transcript on the INEPE Facebook page (in Spanish) exceeded 1000 views and it generated interesting exchanges with the participants and we had several positive feedbacks.

We have edited and subtitled the video in French and English so that those who could not be present on the day can still watch it >see the video.

This is the kind of initiative we want to develop with the network, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you also want to share your way of working, your methodology and your tools!